farmhouse rn

anzegem 2023

At right angles to an existing farmhouse, JUMA positioned a new volume for extension.
The new section forms a buffer between the driveway and the garden. This barrier ensures the necessary privacy when visitors drive up by demarcating the various zones from one another.

The new 'annex' adopts the typical formal language of the farmhouse to create a coherent whole. The two each have a simple rectangular ground plan topped by a modest gable roof.

In terms of materialisation, the two differ strongly from each other so that it remains architecturally very readable what is authentic and what is new.

The new black volume has a wooden façade and roof cladding that is given rhythm by opting for a specific profiling in which an extra beam is added every three planchettes.

The extension accommodates the living area so that those spaces can benefit from light and views thanks to the large windows.
Inside the farmhouse, in turn, are the sleeping quarters with associated functions.

In this way, the residents can enjoy both the authentic charm of the farmhouse and the contemporary architecture with its sober lines and refined detailing, which continues into the interior.
The best of both worlds.