l'autre vie

sint-martens-latem 2015

JUMA was asked to accommodate a restaurant in an Art Deco house. Although the exterior suggests otherwise, there were only a few elements that were worth saving in the interior. Only the monumental wooden staircase with a beautifully coloured stained-glass window above it, reflect the grandeur that this property once offered.? First a number of walls were taken down to create larger spaces. An opening was created from the entrance hall to the kitchen so that visitors have a direct view of chef Maxence Sys at work.

Yet it is mainly the smaller, decorative interventions that make the difference in this project. By adding a few well-chosen ornaments, such as mouldings at the height of the ceilings and walls, JUMA architects sought to enhance the art deco look.


The gold colour accents, which are reflected in the curved bar unit and the vintage wall luminaires are key elements in this respect.

JUMA also made full use of the bay windows to accommodate custom-made benches, filled with cosy pillows. The curved sofa in the bar in particular steals the show! The soft, round shapes are reflected in the arched openings that were created to give access to the various other spaces.

Finally, as the icing on the cake, there is the new parquet floor laid in Hungarian point.


Pictures © Cafeine