optiek herpol


Optiek Herpol wanted to move to a better, more central location with plenty of parking space. A property that complied with these conditions was found on the Market in Deinze, and JUMA architects were subsequently asked to design a new interior for the store.
The property in question is very deep and narrow with little natural light entry. JUMA set to work despite these constraints in an attempt to transform these challenges into qualities.
The architects positioned the sales counter right behind the shop window, so as to make optimum use of the available natural light. This also makes store activities visible from the outside, adding an extra element of attraction. At the narrowest section of the store, a large wall mirror was put in to visually double the space. 

The wall onto which the eyeglasses are displayed is located opposite the mirror and is literally the eye catcher in the store. A wooden lattice makes for an interesting play of diagonal lines behind which the glasses are presented. This unique concept animates the entire store without detracting from the fact that the glasses should remain the main focal point in the store. The workshop is located in the back, separated from the store by a wall in smoked grey glass. In this way, the optician can keep an eye on the store at all times.

The colour palette is predominantly white, to keep the interior as light as possible. As a counterpoint, warm wood accents are added. The chairs at the counter are upholstered in a colour that harmonizes perfectly with the wood.


Pictures © Annick Vernimmen