project h

zwijnaarde 2017

This project, mainly aimed at the realization of a new kitchen and pantry, is a more radical alteration than one might suspect at first glance. The entire floor-covering parquet was taken out since the existing pipes of this 80s house were in urgent need of replacement. The windows were replaced by and more slender and more efficient joinery. In several places, the existing window openings were made larger, so that they would come down to the floor. In addition to adding light and views, this also results in a more contemporary look.

The existing kitchen was a classic U-shape. JUMA replaced it with a central island to create more openness. The kitchen island divides the kitchen, with the breakfast area on one side, and the rest of the kitchen on the other.


The color palette is very sober and soft, highlighted by a natural stone wall with two ultra fine steel shelves. The wooden wall next to the dining table provides a warm accent that contrasts with the concrete floor.

For the interior lighting, JUMA opted for small, elegant black light fixtures on a track since there was no possibility to work with a false ceiling. The tracks offer a lot of flexibility and visually accentuate the circulation lines, adding, in this way, to the overall aesthetic of the space. 

Most of the decoration was selected by JUMA Architects from Piet Moodshop in Ghent.
Photos © Annick Vernimmen