project r

ghent 2016

This project includes the demolition of an existing house and the construction of an apartment building with an office space on the ground floor and a studio and a duplex apartment on the upper floors.

The narrow but deep plot is located in an urban context, which makes that the connection with the adjacent buildings requires extra attention.
Quite unique is the office space on the ground floor, which is connected via a glazed passageway along to the courtyard to an adjacent building with existing offices.

The window sections on the street side are alternately positioned in the facade and the sidewall to create a dynamic feel.


Despite the narrow frontage, an abundance of natural light is brought into to the living areas through a play of vertical window openings in the rear sidewall. The duplex apartment has an indoor terrace.

The light grey brickwork of the façade is placed vertically at the level of the floors, creating a refined detail and a subtle rhythm in the overall volume.

One of the finds in this soon to be demolished building is an exquisite wooden beam, which will obviously be recovered. The beautiful, weathered beam will be integrated in the new project as a decorative bench in the courtyard.

Pictures © Annick Vernimmen