villa rs

kruisem 2020

Juma was commissioned to design a new house on a hill in the Flemish Ardennes. The north side of the plot has a beautiful view of the fields with picturesque church towers in the distance. The swimming pool, on the other hand, requires a more sheltered and southern orientation.

In response to these contextual parameters, Juma has positioned the residential volume perpendicular to the street, as a link between the 'north-south' axis. When the weather is nice, the folding windows alongside the kitchen area can be fully opened on both sides of this volume, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. A garden wall alongside the swimming pool provides privacy and protection against the wind. 

The terrace on the north side is covered and equipped with a wood-burning stove so that the vast surroundings can be enjoyed almost year-round.

The façade is opened up at the level of the carport and is finished with wooden slats to prevent this area from becoming dark and unpleasant. At the same time, it raises curiosity as to what could be found behind it. This gives the house an inviting feel and makes it a great home for the whole family. The rather horizontal aspect of the house, combined with the black wooden cladding, divert the attention from the construction towards the surrounding nature.